Lakers Artest: Beasley Dumber Than LeBron, But Better Shooter


Man, if you don’t love Los Angeles Lakers forward Ron Artest you have serious issues.

For a guy whose made a career of locking down some of the most spectacular and talented offensive players in the NBA, you would think younger guys would welcome the constructive criticism Artest offers from time to time.

Here is the latest gem that he dropped on the Pioneer Press regarding Minnesota Timberwolves' new star, Michael Beasley.

“Beasley should watch LeBron James,” Artest said. “Beasley’s actually a better shooter than LeBron, but the smarts are not there. He’s talking so much trash instead of worrying about the game. He needs to become a winner.

“It’s just the way you play, his awareness on the court; somebody should have told him,” Artest said.

Artest wasn’t done there, though. He then went on to note that Beasley ...

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