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NFL Labor Talks Stall Due to Miscommunication

The talks between the NFL and the NFLPA, meant to resolve the looming lockout, seem headed in the wrong direction as miscommunication is apparently increasing between the two parties concerned. 

On Monday, the player’s union claimed that two collective bargaining negotiation sessions were scheduled for the week. The league denied that any sort of talks were scheduled at all.

According to union officials, the two meetings had in fact been agreed on, but they were pending re-confirmation on the part of the league. The league failed to confirm them. According to Greg Aiello, the spokesman for the league, the whole thing was nothing more than a figment of the union representatives’ imagination.

Aiello said that there were no meetings scheduled for this week, therefore the league had nothing to confirm. As the ever more belligerent exchange between the two sides continues to escalate, there is word now that the league has filed an unfair labor practice charge against the players at the National labor Relations Board.

As the March 3 lockout seems increasingly inevitable, teams do their best to secure their most precious assets within the means offered by the current, fast-expiring regulatory framework. The Philadelphia Eagles went ahead and franchise tagged Michael Vick as expected. They placed a transitional tag on kicker David Akers, fully aware of the fact that when the current collective bargaining agreement expires, these moves may end up meaning nothing at all. 

The New England Patriots went ahead too and franchise tagged Logan Mankins. The New York Jets made similar moves to conserve their team core. Three players from that core have already been signed for new contracts and the 4th, LB David Harris received a franchise tag, to make sure that Gang Green fans will have something to look forward to next season, if labor talks yield a new CBA.

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