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L.A. Kings Fans Celebrate Stanley Cup Win by Knocking Down a Drone (Video)

The Los Angeles Kings celebrated their second Stanley Cup win on Friday by defeating the New York Rangers in Game 5.

Outside the Staples Center, where the double overtime victory took place, a group of Kings' fans noticed a drone flying above them and decided to take it down, notes (video below).

“Someone get it!" one fan yelled. “Throw a shoe at it,” added another. After a few tries, someone knocked it down with a T-shirt, eliciting applause.

DanJPalmer posted a video of the drone incident on his Instagram page.

Meanwhile, inside the Staples Center, NBC Los Angeles was doing an after-game broadcast when a young lady slipped and fell on the ice, notes (video below).

Ironically, around that time, the NBC Los Angeles reporter said, "There’s never a dull moment with these Kings.”



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