Lakers Look Like Lakers in Big Win Over Spurs


A phenomenal result for the Los Angeles Lakers, walking out of San Antonio with a win, in a game where the final score did no justification of how truly dominant L.A. was in this game. 

Now, in the general scheme of things, I don't expect this to cause too much gnashing of teeth or wringing of hands in San Antonio. The Spurs will still win enough games to maintain home court advantage for the duration of the post season, and even though this was an important game for both teams, it certainly meant more to L.A. than to the Spurs. 

But... a win of this magnitude at this time of the season cannot be underplayed, cannot be understated. L.A. is displaying the demeanor, the confidence of a team that believes it can win its third straight title, and showing that it has the game to back that up.

This was a dominating performance.  And that's enough.


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