L.A. Firefighter Rafael Davis Caught MMA Fighting While on Workers’ Comp

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Firefighters get a certain amount of leeway and respect that other folks typically don’t get. Seeing as they consistently put their lives on the line to save the rest of us, nobody really complains when a firefighter gets off for a minor infraction that someone else would have probably gotten punished for.

Even the loosest definition of “minor infraction” can’t save L.A. firefighter Rafael Davis, though.

According to the good folks at L.A. Weekly, Davis has allegedly been collecting workers’ compensation checks for about two and a half years despite the fact that he’s secretly been moonlighting as a mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter. Oops, right?

It gets better. According to prosecutors who have filed four felony counts of insurance fraud against Davis, he was doing his fighting under the worst alias imaginable: The Noodle.

Yes, The Noodle.

The Noodle, 35, was arrested at his home and brought up on the aforementioned insurance fraud charges on Tuesday, Apr. 10. Prosecutors insist that between Dec. 2008 and May 2011 this guy fought in countless bouts, despite requiring workers’ comp because he presumably wasn’t able to put out fires.

L.A. Weekly also apparently located a video of The Noodle fighting in a 2008 match at the Auto Museum in Tustin.

Check it out:

The Noodle could get five years behind bars for his troubles.

(Kudos to L.A. Weekly for finding this gem)

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