L.A. Clippers Celebrate Black History Month in Wrong Month


There's a reason Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling is considered the worst owner in all of sports.

Aside from the fact that his team has been awful forever, he has been known to heckle his own players during games and allegedly made racist remarks towards blacks. In addition, he had to pay $2.725 million to settle a lawsuit that accused him of housing discrimination against African-Americans and Hispanics.

So Sterling figured it would be in his best interests to celebrate Black History Month. In an ad in the Los Angeles Times on Sunday, a picture of Sterling appeared with superstar rookie Blake Griffin, urging fans to celebrate with the team during a game on March 2.

One problem, though. Black History Month is February. It's kind of over when the calendar turns to March. That's how a month typically works. Another stupid gaffe by Sterling, and another reason why the Clippers are insignificant in their own home town.

There is one good thing about all of this -- the ad says the Clippers will "admit 1,000 underprivileged" kids and their parents into the game for free. So they get to see a free game, just not technically during Black History Month.


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