Kyra Gracie is Taking Her Move to MMA "One Step at a Time"

Five time jiu-jitsu world champion Kyra Gracie has seen the interest level among athletes rise in MMA, triggering her to prepare for the next step in her career.

"I'm training right now," said Kyra on TATAME. "I added boxing to my training routine. I'm training with Claudio Coelho, but I always focus more in jiu-jitsu because that's where I come from. MMA growth makes me think about it more and more each day. I'm studying some propositions and checking with my coaches when would be the best moment to do it. But it doesn't slow things down."

Hailing from the famed Gracie family doesn't make Kyra want to jump quickly into the sport. Kyra realizes she's still a novice and isn't rushing into her first fight.

"I gotta take one step at a time," said Kyra. "I can't do it all at once and then break down. I'm a white belt at this sport."

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