Kragthorpe Will Not Be Tulsa’s Next Football Coach

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Just a quick update to a situation we’ve been following for the past several days. I won’t get into too much because today is mostly about Louisville’s big game tonight against #7 Villanova, but there appears to be a resolution to the Steve Kragthorpe to Tulsa rumors.

In news I regret to report, the great Steve Kragthorpe will not be the next head football coach at Tulsa and will most likely not be a head coach for a second strait season. Krags was labeled a candidate for the job by the local media, but Tuesday night, Tulsa athletic director Bubba Cunningham informed Krags he would not be given consideration.

In an interview with the Tulsa World, Kragthorpe and his wife Cynthia (remember her, she was the one who proved Krags could recruit) expressed their disappointment in not being given the chance to interview for the Tulsa gig.

The interview is fairly hilarious to me.

First of all, the man legitimately did good things at Tulsa, yet they have a job opening, need a coach in place quickly, and won’t even consider hiring him. And second, the thought of Kragthorpe being genuinely shocked at not being interviewed, which he was, makes me chuckle.  

Again, I’m disappointed we won’t be able to turn on a television and see the immortal Steve Kragthorpe roaming the sidelines somewhere, but this interview did cheer me up for a bit.



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