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Devils' Ilya Kovalchuk Gets 17-Year Deal

You read that right. Ilya Kovalchuk has re-signed with the New Jersey Devils and it’s an insane contract. The NHL’s CBA is a complete joke and teams are abusing it constantly.

Kovalchuk signed a 17-year (you read that corrently), $100-plus million contract with the Devils that will keep him in a red jersey until he’s 44-years old. Sound ridiculous? It is.

The 27-year old basically agreed to a deal that will pay him very well in the near future, but by the time he’s in his late 30′s, it will be easy for him to retire and the team won’t be on the hook for anything cap wise.

So how can this be? Like we said before, the NHL’s CBA is a bunch of crap. Cap hits are determined by the average salary in a contract. Hence, if you have an immensely long contract, your average is low and thus your cap number is manageable.

Here are the official numbers by year, which helps to explain what we are talking about:

2010-11: $6 million
2011-12: $6 million
2012-13: $11.5 million
2013-14: $11.5 million
2014-15: $11.5 million
2015-16: $11.5 million
2016-17: $11.5 million
2017-18: $10.5 million
2018-19: $8.5 million
2019-20: $6.5 million
2020-21: $3.5 Million
2021-22: $750,000
2022-23: $550,000
2023-24: $550,000
2024-25: $550,000
2025-26: $550,000
2026-27: $550,000

So the Devils and Kovalchuk are the big winners in this. The NHL’s CBA? The big loser. Again. Get your stuff together, NHL.


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