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Kobe Says Cleveland Is Making A Mistake By Trading Andrew Wiggins

Not everyone in the NBA world thinks the Kevin Love – Andrew Wiggins trade is such a great idea.

Dealing Wiggins makes it clear the Cavs want to win now, but in doing so they may end up missing out on a future superstar – one that could have potentially carried the franchise torch after LeBron’s days are over.

Count Kobe Bryant among the NBA voices that thinks the Cavs should have held on to Wiggins. Here’s what he said this week about the move:

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Wiggins must feel flattered by the Mamba’s words, but let’s be real for a second: this isn’t the same situation at all. Wiggins has said he would gladly play in either Cleveland or Minnesota. The same couldn't be said for Kobe’s in Charlotte when he was drafted 18 years ago.

Kobe made it very clear at the time he only wanted to play for the Lakers. It followed, then, that any team that picked him knew they were only doing so to work out a trade with LA. When Charlotte’s deal with the Lakers almost fell though, a reporter asked Kobe’s agent Arn Tellem if Kobe could stay in Charlotte. Here’s what Tellem said.

“That is an impossibility. There are no ifs. It would not happen. He is going to be a Laker, and that’s the only team he’s playing for.”

Charlotte didn’t have a choice but to trade Kobe. That’s not the case at all with Wiggins in Cleveland, so the comparison is pretty useless. Regardless, the high praise from an NBA legend like Kobe must make Wiggins feel good. It’s been a rough month for the no. 1 overall pick. 

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