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Kobe Bryant Scores 68 Points in 15 Minutes During Charity Game (Video)

Ever since the emergence of LeBron James and Kevin Durant as basketball's new top dogs, hoops fans everywhere have noticeably begun to sleep on Kobe Bryant. Sure, he's still acknowledged by most as one of the 10 to 15 greatest players of all time but, in terms of the here and now, Kobe doesn’t get anywhere near the same amount of respect he used to.

Some of that is probably reasonable – Kobe at 33 is not the same player he was at 23, 25 or 29. Time takes a toll on everyone, even the legends. Part of it, though, feels like it’s a bit hasty. Like maybe people are burying L.A.’s biggest star prematurely.

During a recent charity game in China, Kobe showed one and all that he could still light it up with the best of them. Here is him dropping 68 points in over the course of a 15-minute stretch (via SLAM)

Now, while this admittedly isn’t the best competition in the world – dropping 68 points in 15 minutes under any circumstances is tough. Yeah, this isn’t going to rank up there with 62 in three versus the Dallas Mavericks or 81 versus the Toronto Raptors, but it’s still a pretty nifty achievement nonetheless.

(Kudos SLAM)

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