Kobe Bryant Leaves for France, Lakers Have One More Game


The Los Angeles Lakers will end their season tonight against the San Antonio Spurs, but their star player has reportedly left for France.

According to The Los Angeles Times, Laker Kobe Bryant flew to France with his family either Tuesday or today.

A Laker spokesman said he was unaware of Bryant's early departure.

The Lakers have had a tough 26-55 season and will be sitting at home during the NBA playoffs.

Bryant has been injured for much of the season with a fractured knee, reports NBCSports.com.

He was scheduled to speak to Lakers' fans before the team's last game at home on Sunday, but didn't show up until halftime because of a migraine headache.

Bryant, who reportedly earned $30.5 million this season, tweeted this afternoon, "S*** season. Flush it. Forget it #amnesia Next Season will be epic #blackout #bussfam."

Sources: The Los Angeles Times, NBCSports.com, Twitter


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