Kobe Bryant is Being Spotted with a lot of Girls at the 2012 Olympics (Photos)


Kobe Bryant has always had a certain way with women, so seeing a bunch of photos of him with females who aren’t named Vanessa Bryant probably shouldn’t be all that shocking. That said, because he’s Kobe, and because he and his wife are reconciling after what could have potentially been a $100 million divorce, photos of him chatting up a couple of ladies will inevitably cause a stir.

Before putting these out there, let’s preface them with an exact quote from TMZ (bold is ours, not theirs):

One source close to Kobe who was at the party tells us Bryant was FORCED to strip down because "someone spilled an entire drink on him ... his shirt was soaking wet."

We're told Kobe sent someone to get him another shirt ... but he's jacked, so no one complained.

According to our sources, both women in the photo had their significant other with them at the after party (one husband, one boyfriend).

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And to be fair, this one is from Barcelona (via Daily Mail):

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Maybe that's Vanessa in the last one. (Probably isn't but, you know, guy code.)

Good times.

(Kudos TMZ , Daily Mail)

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