Kobe Bryant Accepts Kyrie Irving’s $50K Challenge, Completely Embarrasses Him (Video)

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Los Angeles Lakers shooting guard Kobe Bryant is something of an expert trash talker. In fact, you could probably make the case that these days, he’s a better trash talker than he is player. Not to say that he isn’t a great player – he’s just that good at making his opponents feel terrible about their lives.

During a recent scrimmage between the Team USA 2012 and the Select Team (comprised of various NBA up-and-comers), Cleveland Cavaliers point guard Kyrie Irving was the latest person to feel Kobe’s wrath.

It got real ugly real fast.

Will this $50,000 showdown actually happen? We’ll find out in due time, but there is no denying that Round 1 of the fight went to Kobe. In two minutes, the Black Mamba managed to son Irving on his time in college, his height and his future prospects.


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