Kobe and Vanessa Bryant Reportedly Reconciling, Not Getting Divorced

The Ross and Rachel of our time, Kobe and Vanessa Bryant, are reportedly getting back together. After months of speculation, a couple of low-key locker room smooches, some very rich potential settlement discussions and one Los Angeles Lakers postseason flameout – it appears as though L.A.’s biggest star has convinced his better half to give him one more shot.

You’ll recall last December that the sports world was rocked to its very core when, out of the blue, Vanessa opted to file for divorce. In subsequent months, we got various reports about Kobe possibly cheating on her with more than 100 women, and then some folks noting that -- because there was no prenuptial agreement -- Vanessa was entitled to something like $75 million of Kobe’s hard earned money.

Apparently, none of that matters anymore. Per TMZ:

Vanessa Bryant will NOT sign documents to make her divorce final ... at least for now ... because TMZ has learned, she and Kobe are working on a full reconciliation.

We've learned Kobe and Vanessa are trying to work out the issues that caused her to file for divorce back in December. They spend a lot of time together but he has not officially moved back in with her. 

Under California law, Vanessa has to wait 6 months before she can file final docs making the divorce official. The 6-month mark hits this weekend, so Vanessa could end the marriage as early as Monday ... but we know she won't.

So there you go. With $75 million on the line, this may have been Kobe’s most clutch move ever.

(Kudos TMZ)

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