Knicks' Amar'e Stoudemire Needs for this Season to End a Little Quicker


Remember when Amar'e Stoudemire said that the Knicks were back? Yeah. They are back. They are back to that chaotic environment that is all too familiar in New York.

It was the start of the 2010-11 season when Amar'e was pretty much tabbed as the franchise's savior; the one that is going to help right the wrongs of the New York Knicks. Reunited with coach Mike D'Antoni, he was the leader of a resurrecting team. Now? He just seems to be a shell of his old self. So when he punched the glass-enclosed fire extinguisher case that lacerated his hand, I wasn't that surprised. It was stupid, for sure, but hardly surprising... and I somewhat understand it.

Amar'e's frustrations are clear. Stoudemire's role has way lessened from his original role as would-be franchise player. We know Carmelo Anthony takes all the shots now. His back injury slowed him down. Sometimes, he was even the fourth option when the Linsanity craze hit. And we know his brother died in a car accident earlier this year. All of this has taken a toll on Stoudemire. And I'm sure Amar'e is wondering where it all went wrong when he's just trying to help the Knicks.

I feel like Stoudemire needs to get away. I won't be surprised if he wants this season to be over with. His balky back has prevented him from attacking the rim at full force; it is so sad to see him try to lay up or dunk the ball only to get a "return to sender" message from an opponent.

A broken body, loss of family, sadness, a sometimes confusing role in the offense... all of that would weigh on any basketball player. I'm not absolving him from what he did, though. Going bare-knuckle style on a fire extinguisher glass case is stupid; the hand is always going to lose. But Stoudemire definitely needs his mind cleared. As I've mentioned before, people still forget he's human.

Where there's smoke, there's fire. Stoudemire knew that and he's wanted to extinguish the flames going on around this franchise since he got there. Unfortunately, just like every other time he's tried to help the Knicks, he somehow ended up doing it wrong again.

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