NBA Notes: Knicks and Amare Debut in Style



  • Player of the game was Wilson Chandler, who looked determined as the Knicks’ 6th man. Chandler slid into the power forward spot after Timofey Mozgov picked up two quick fouls and was aggressive on both ends of the floor. Chandler shot 10/18 but tightened up along with the game in the 4th quarter. Needless to say though, he kept the Knicks in it.
  • Lots of people want to dispense with Gallinari after one game but I’m not ready to go along with the notion that he forgot how to play basketball. It’s convenient for folks to still label Gallinari as a one-trick pony but that’s not the case. It’s true his shot wasn’t falling but, as per usual, he gets fouled almost every time he puts it on the floor. Gallinari went to the line 4 times tonight and hit all his foul shots, so despite shooting 33% from the field, he still finished with an efficient 12 points on 9 shots. He also chipped in on the glass, especially in the final frame, and contributed on defense with a block and a steal.
  • That said, the Knicks aren’t going to go very far with Gallinari struggling from the field. He has to improve and show us some of the fire he had at times last season.
  • Preseason memes that we knew were BS then and were proven so tonight: Felton no better than Duhon meme –NY Post. Landry Fields not an NBA player meme –Chad Ford. Knicks don’t play defense meme –everyone and their cousin. The last one deserves special mention because the Knicks played great defense on the Raptors final possession with Amare’ staying on Jarret Jack as he tried to turn the corner and then Chandler playing tight on Barbosa on his baseline 3 after Jack was forced to give it up. Also worth mentioning is the 10 blocks the Knicks accumulated. Makes you wonder: If this trend continues, will D’Antoni get as much credit as he did blame the last two years for “not coaching D”? I mean, clearly, he could’ve asked Al Harrington to please block some shots right?
  • From now on Landry Fields will forever be known on this blog as Landry “Not An NBA Player” Fields, or NANP for short, in honor of Michael Kay’s proudly ignorant proclamation of October 26th, 2010. Landry had a very effective debut game, scoring 11 points (3 of 6 from downtown) and snaring 4 rebounds to go along with a block.


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