Kiss Cam Fail: President Obama Gets Rejected by First Lady at USA Basketball Game (Video)


No wonder President Barack Obama can’t get Congress to pass any of his legislation – he can barely persuade the First Lady to give him a smooch.  

During Monday night’s basketball exhibition between Team USA and Brazil, the POTUS and his wife made far more headlines than anything that happened on the court when they were shown on the always-cringeworthy Kiss Cam.

Now, while it’s admittedly awkward to see couples forced to lock lips in front of the whole world just because a dumb camera zooms in on them, you would think that two people who have been married for 20 years would be able to give the crowd a little somethin’ somethin’.

Apparently not, though.

On their first Kiss Cam appearance, this was the extent of the First Couple’s embrace:

(via Michael Lee)

Naturally, the crowd booed. Then social media reacted. Then the Earth stopped spinning.

U.S. leads Brazil 37-32 at halftime. LeBron leads the Americans with 13 points. Michelle Obama has one block.

— Ken Berger (@KBergCBS) July 17, 2012

Once President Obama realized that this complete and total lack of respect from his wife could hurt him in the polls, he made it a point to be a little more authoritative the next time around.

Check it out:

So there you go.

The lesson from all this? Presumably it’s that, if you really want President Obama to get behind Simpson-Bowles, put a picture of him and the plan onto a Kiss Cam and wait for the public pressure to eat him alive.

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