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Kimbo Slice Will Host "The Ultimate Fighter Fridays"

Though he was helped along to a modest 4-2 record as a professional mixed martial artist, Kimbo Slice's internet fame translated to make him one of the most watched and popular MMA fighters ever during his brief dalliance with the sport.

Slice helped pull in some of The Ultimate Fighter's biggest numbers during his run on the tenth season of the show -- when the program still called SpikeTV its home -- and, as a result, the network has decided to add him to their counter-programming efforts against the UFC.

The UFC ended its longtime broadcast deal with SpikeTV last year in favor of more mainstream exposure through the widespread FOX networks. Bitter over losing one of their biggest draws, SpikeTV has done their best to counter-program the UFC's new programming on the FOX networks family of channels by drawing on the extensive library of UFC material to which they still own access.

Slice will host The Ultimate Fighter Fridays, which is intended to run for three hours opposite the new season of The Ultimate Fighter on FX. Slice will recap old episodes of the show, debut never-before-seen footage and host themed specials.

The first episode will see Slice give behind the scenes info on the tenth season of TUF as well as air unused footage from the season and will air on March 9.

SpikeTV's access to the UFC media library apparently runs out this year.

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