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Khan vs. McCloskey: Round by Round Recap and Analysis

Written by Max Parker

Tonight's one-fight undercard is the tape-delayed, 140-pound matchup between Amir Khan and Paul McCloskey. HBO is wasting no time, jumping right into Round 1.

Round 1:

They meet in the center of the ring. McCloskey is fighting with his hands held low and Khan tries to use the speed to get his jab in. Khan is coming out very aggressive. Khan lands a slick counter right hand as McCloskey whiffs with a jab. They feel each other out. Khan lands a couple jabs, but not many do any damage.

Parker: 10-9 Khan

Round 2:

Khan sneaks in a double jab. He lands two more and follows with a straight left. Khan keeps the aggression on and lands another flurry. He doesn't look like he's choosing his punches wisely, but is rather just running in and trying to make contact. This strategy will win him rounds, but McCloskey isn't throwing anything. Khan should take another round.

Parker: 10-9 Khan

Round 3:

McCloskey comes in with his hands down again. Khan misses with a wide left hook. McCloskey gets turned around, and Khan makes him pay with a double right hook. Khan lands a straight right hand. McCloskey lands a reaching left hook. The difference in hand speed is becoming more evident. Khan is sneaking jabs in easily. They clinch and McCloskey lands a couple blows to the back of the head. Khan returns the favor. The ref stops the action to talk down both fighters.

Parker: 10-9 Khan

Round 4:

Khan lands a big left hook to the body and McCloskey winces. Khan lands a big counter and McCloskey goes down, but the ref rules it a slip. Khan is keeping busy with jabs and flurries. McCloskey appears to be looking for a KO shot. He misses with a a big uppercut. The crowd is really into this fight. Someone is blowing a horn almost constantly.

Parker: 10-9 Khan

Round 5:

Khan opens with a flurry and McCloskey backs off. The match turns into a brawl as Khan lunges forward with a big left hand that misses. They calm down and square off in the center of the ring. They trade shots with Khan landing the better punches. McCloskey is waiting for a big counter but isn't fast enough to land. McCloskey is using good head movement to not get caught by a big power punch, but he's not winning the rounds.

Parker: 10-9 Khan

Round 6:

Khan opens with another flurry that lands to the head and body. McCloskey lunges forward again, but Khan clinches. Khan lands a big combo that looked to momentarilly wobble McCloskey. The Irishman has his legs back and comes back with a flurry of his own. There is a big head butt that opens up a cut. The doctor looks at it and deems the cut too deep for McCloskey to continue. It's over and will go to the scorecard.

Parker: 10-9 Khan

Parker: 60-54 Khan

All three judges score the bout 60-54 for the winner by unanimous decision, Amir "King" Khan.

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