Kevin Youkilis to Marry Tom Brady’s Sister

So Kevin Youkilis is marrying Tom Brady’s sister Julie. Talk about Beauty and the Beast… What do we make of this?

The most interesting thing to me is the circumstances surrounding the relationship. Check out the state of affairs as described by the Boston Herald.

.. the future Mrs. Youk, a schoolteacher, and her daughter, Jordan, 5, will move to Florida from California when the third baseman reports to spring training later this month…..

….. It will be Julie’s first marriage and Youk’s second. He was married in 2008, but turns out not legally, toBen Affleck’s ex, Enza Sambataro. They split two years later and she resigned as CEO of his charity, Youk’s Kids…..

So let me get this straight; Julie got knocked up out of wedlock and Kevin was married to Ben Affleck’s ex, but not legally. What does that even mean?

Youkilis appears to be somewhat of a romanticist rumor has it that Greek God of Walks will have the wedding rings coated in pine tar, a romantic touch indeed. I was going to make a joke about Youkilis’ awkward batting stance and consummating the marriage, but I won’t.

No word on whether Tom and Gisele will be part of the wedding ceremony…

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