Kevin Love’s Freak Injury was Just That

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Sports history is littered with players lying about their injuries. Be it because they don’t want to violate the terms of their contracts or because they are afraid to hurt their reputations, many athletes have blamed their ailments on totally false things just to get out of facing responsibility for their dumb actions.

And so, with that in mind, it isn’t particularly shocking that Kevin Love is still getting questions about his broken hand. You know, the one that he says he busted up while trying to do knuckle pushups at home before practice.

For what it’s worth, Love is sticking to the original story.

"I've heard everything," Love said (via Yahoo! Sports). "But this isn't TMZ. This isn't People Magazine. I think most people are just looking for a story. For me, I know what happened. I'm not trying to get around it. I'm not trying to lie. That's just what happened.

"I do different series of push-ups all the time. My hand just gave on me," Love said, "and it just broke."

While Love’s injury is odd, his status in the league (and on his team) means that he doesn’t have to lie. This isn’t Greg Oden we're talking about – nobody is going to be voiding his contract. Nobody is going to be punishing him. He could have messed his hand up while punching puppies and the Wolves would still welcome him back with open arms.

There is obviously no way to know for certain but, if we had to bet on it, we’d bet that Love is telling the truth.

(Kudos Yahoo! Sports)

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