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MLB Analyst Kevin Kennedy Helps Thwart Terrorist

Current Tampa Bay Rays analyst and former Boston Red Sox manager Kevin Kennedy was one of eight people who helped to disarm a terrorist from blowing up a Delta Airlines flight early Friday morning. A man was threatening to blow up the plane and tried open a cabin door before Kennedy and others said “oh no you di’nt!!”

The flight from Los Angeles to Florida was diverted after a passenger sprayed the cabin with a water bottle and then threatened to blow up the whole plane.

“When he started threatening bombs it was for real. I knew it was anyway,” Kennedy said Friday night. “We all kind of looked at him. The guy next to me, he was saying ‘Hey buddy, let’s calm down here.’ We tried to talk him down but it wasn’t happening. It was actually getting worse.”

Passengers on the flight were able to subdue 46-year old Stanley Dwayne Sheffield. He was later taken into federal custody after it was determined that he was behaving in a way that most people don’t care for.

“There were seven other guys,” Kennedy said. “A couple of young guys got there first. One kid flew up the aisle. We all were there. Probably four or five (guys) getting him down and the other guys helping. Eight in all.”


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