Kevin Durant Draws Bogus Technical Foul Call, Kawhi Leonard Shines In Game One

We all know the NBA has become a softer league over the last two decades. If the Bad Boys of the late 80’s and 90’s were still playing today, they’d foul out of every game within ten minutes.

The league hasn’t just gone soft on physical fouls, either. The purposeful shift to a much milder style of play has affected technical foul calls too. We got proof of that last night in the fourth quarter of the Oklahoma City – San Antonio game.

With San Antonio ahead early in the game’s final quarter, Kevin Durant was called for a blocking foul against Danny Green. He threw his fist in frustration after the call and looks to be saying “Damn.” It looked like a pretty harmless reaction from a frustrated player.

Here it is:

Nothing too bad right? Apparently that warrants a technical foul in the fourth quarter of a playoff game in today's NBA. The Spurs were pulling away when the foul took place and never looked back.

While we’re on the topic of last night’s game, did anyone catch the nasty spin move Kawhi Leonard put on Durant in the fourth quarter? It was damn sweet. We told you last week that Leonard is becoming yet another very good player for the Spurs, and plays like this show what we’re talking about. Leonard is already a great defender, and now he’s added a nice arsenal of offensive skills to his game. That’s great news for the Spurs, and really bad news for the rest of the league.

How smooth is this?


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