Kentucky's Eloy Vargas Took a Young Fan to Her Prom


Seldom used Kentucky center Eloy Vargas made one fan queen for a night. During an autograph signing session Saturday Vargas was approached by Natascha Richardson, a 17-year-old student at Gatton Academy. She then asked Vargas to accompany her to her prom.

“It was my turn to get an autograph and I was just like, what are you doing tonight, and he was like ‘what are you doing tonight’ and I was like, you should go to prom with me and it just kind of happened and I was like ahh, cool.”

Vargas accepted and hurried to get ready for his date. He was happy to be doing something to make someone else happy.

“She didn’t have a date so I thought, I should do something for her,” Vargas said.

“It’s a lot of blessings to be a part of this thing right now and be over here, part of this girl’s life and making her dream come true,” says Vargas.

Vargas did a nice thing for someone on their special night.

No word on who was voted prom queen.

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