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Kentucky, John Calipari Gave Rapper Drake a Championship Ring

Last season, Canadian rapper and pop star extraordinaire Drake scored 14.2 less points per game than Anthony Davis, dished out 4.8 less assists per game than Marquis Teague and grabbed 7.2 less rebounds per game than Terrence Jones.

Despite that, he was apparently an important enough contributor to Kentucky’s championship run during their 2011-12 campaign to earn a chip from the school, or head coach John Calipari, or whoever it is that decides to hand out rings to rappers who have nothing to do with the team.

Yes, they seriously gave him one.

Here is what Drizzy posted online a couple of days ago:

Image placeholder title
Image placeholder title

Now, is there anything wrong with handing out championship rings like their fortune cookies? No, not exactly. (Maybe there is, the NCAA makes up rules as it goes along – I don’t even bother checking anymore.) But it’s definitely not great optics for a school -- and more specifically, a head coach -- frequently linked to shady behavior to give some random supporter a championship ring.

Maybe it will help with recruiting. Maybe it will help raise Kentucky’s profile among kids. Maybe there is some Machiavellian genius behind the move that isn’t apparent right now.

It just looks sleazy, though.

(Kudos Complex)

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