Kentucky Girls High School Basketball Game Ends with a Final Score of 13-8


Women’s basketball has never gotten the respect that it deserves. Thanks to two girls high school basketball teams from Kentucky, it probably never will.

According to the Cincinnati Enquirer (via The Big Lead), Notre Dame Academy and Highlands High School recently, somehow, managed to play a basketball game where the final score 13-8. Yes, you read that correctly, the final score was 13-8. In fact, at halftime the score was 4-0. Notre Dame Academy eventually won the second quarterfinal of the Ninth Region Tournament by five points, but it’s probably safe to say that there were no real winners here.

How could a legit basketball game between non-toddlers possibly end with that sort of final score? Well, comments by the coaches from Notre Dame Academy and Highlands may provide us with a little window into the strategizing involved.

Via the Cincinnati Enquirer:

"I didn't want to pick up the pace because I didn't see the need for the girls to run around," Notre Dame coach Nicole Levandusky said. "I thought we might as well stay back and wait on them to play."

Of course. Why make them run around?

"Tonight was all strategy for us to make it a close game," Highlands coach Jaime Richey said. "We lost big when we tried to run with them. We had to come up with the best possible way to win the game, so we slowed it down."

I have nothing more to say.

(Kudos to The Big Lead for the find)

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