College Basketball Analysis: Kentucky Loses to Ole Miss

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I don’t even want to talk about this game.

We didn’t play any defense at all. If the Ole Miss players had connected on half of their missed lay ups and dunks, it would have been a blowout.

We turned the ball over 18 times and looked like we couldn’t handle any sort of defensive pressure.

We committed too many stupid hand check fouls and it caused Liggins, our ‘defensive stopper’, to miss a lot of minutes.

Other than in brief stretches of individual play by Brandon, Doron and Terrence, we looked like a bunch of worthless bums who deserved to lose that game.

I don’t know when this maturation process or upside that everyone is talking about is going to kick in but until it does we’re going to keep losing games on the road.

How fitting was it that stupid plays by Darius and DeAndre screwed up our last possession? Darius makes Eloy look assertive.

I’m just tired of it. I’m tired of watching this team squander their obvious talent advantage.

We don’t deserve to win the SEC. We don’t deserve to win any more games until we stop trying to make it pretty and buckle down to grind out a win.

I know everyone gets upset when someone tries to compare this year’s team to last year’s but the guys who left knew how to win an ugly game. This team would have gone 0-2 against Mississippi State last year because when they taste even a little adversity, they fold. It’s sickening.

Stop acting pretty and go win a basketball game. (Not directed at you, Enes)

I don’t really want to talk about the game anymore but I’ll give a few stupid observations and write mean things about Mississippi.

Shout out to Eloy! He got a bucket, but gave up a monster dunk because he went for the block instead of the box out. He also got an offensive rebound, but had it immediately stolen. So congrats, Eloy. Your contribution rounds out to nothing. That’s a significant improvement from the Alabama game.

I’m going to turn back the clock a bit and say that I’d rather have Sheray Thomas commit a lane violation on every free throw taken during the game than watch a second of Vargas in the game.

Hood got some time too. He was only in for six minutes and had a block and rebound in that time with no dumb turnovers so that makes me happy. However, when he dribbles he looks like a goblin cringing as if its skin was being burned by the sunlight.

Losing to Ole Miss in basketball is like losing to Ole Miss in a spelling bee. Do you know how terrible that school is? Really terrible. I’ll admit that it’s mainly terrible because Mississippi’s education system is so bad, but a bunch of the kids there are kids from other states with SEC schools that went to Ole Miss because they preferred to coast through four years of their life.

Disclaimer: If you’re an Ole Miss graduate or student and you’re reading this, then you’re significantly more intelligent than your fellow alumni / classmates.

One positive about the state of Mississippi is that it makes Kentucky look like some kind of cultural Mecca of learning and progressive thinking.

Kentucky is like an advanced and alien civilization to Mississippi. If Kentucky invaded Mississippi it would be like the Spanish conquistadors wiping out the Aztecs, but instead of gold and riches, all we’d get would be fat people wearing Confederate flags.

Remember in The Blind Side how Michael Oher could barely read and then at the end of the movie it said that he graduated from Ole Miss with some kind of honors? That was really weird. I’m not going to say what I think, but it is weird. Just think about it.

Couldn't read but graduated from Ole Miss with honors. Hmmm.

Thank, I feel a lot better now. UK is still a bunch of bums though.

Start playing like you know what you’re doing and stop looking like dumb asses.

It’ll make me feel a lot better.

Go Cats


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