Kentucky Basketball Expected To Have 90 NBA Reps On Hand For Practice Today


The University of Kentucky basketball program has become something of a feeder school for the NBA in recent years. The school currently has a ridiculous 22 alumni in the NBA, which is almost enough to fill out rosters for two complete teams. Stars like Anthony Davis, John Wall, Rajon Rondo, and Demarcus Cousins are just the tip of the UK in the NBA iceberg.

With all that talent at one school, it’s safe to assume that plenty of UK bench players could be starters at almost any other Division 1 school. Kentucky coach John Calipari is holding a unique event today to make sure even his unheralded players get the recognition they deserve.

The Kentucky team is holding their very own NBA combine today, and an incredible 90 NBA personnel reps are expected to be on hand for it.

Calipari sent out a tweet proudly announcing the event today:

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In addition to the NBA personnel on hand, ESPNU will be airing the practice on tv. Yes, ESPNU will be airing a practice. Even they know that sounds ridiculous. The channel sent out a tweet today saying “We talkin about practice!!! Watch @KentuckyMBB practice today on ESPNU at 3pm ET!”

The event is a brilliant idea by Calipari and his staff. The combine will boost the stock of already elite players while giving his backups a chance to gain some recognition in NBA circles too. Think about what a great recruiting tool that is. Not only can Calipari tell recruits “hey, look how many of our guys are in the pros,” he can also tell them that even if they don’t get much playing time early on, they’ll still have a shot to showcase themselves to NBA scouts.


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