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Kenny Monday Has High Hopes for BattleGrounds MMA

Wrestling Olympic gold medalist Kenny Monday (1-0) hopes that BattleGrounds MMA will become home for several new fighters now that Strikeforce is expected to cease operations. Monday currently serves the company in a presidential role.

"It's going to be a great opportunity for a lot of fighters, and I'm really excited about going forward with it," said Monday to Bloody Elbow. "If you put on a great show with good fighters and good competition, it will be successful. That's what people want to see, great competition."

Monday said he was always interested in MMA as he had friends in the sport, but never really pursued it. He has one 1997 fight to his name, where he took home the win.

To help contribute to the sport, Monday decided to train fighters. He continues to train fighters while being the face of BattleGrounds MMA.

With several top name MMA promotions closing over the last few years, Monday plans to learn from their errors.

"MMA has been around long enough for us to learn from other's mistakes," said Monday. "We've seen the right way to do it and we've seen some of the wrong ways to do it. You've just got to keep things simple, and focus on the competition aspect."

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