NFL Analysis: Titans Kenny Britt Gets Arrested Again; Now What?


Kenny Britt was arrested yet again Wednesday night by Hoboken, NJ narcotics officers and charged with two counts of resisting arrest.

I’ll say this. It’s not a good thing that I had a picture of Britt sitting on my desktop ready to go because I was expecting to write a story about him getting in trouble with the law. Talk about vain! Is this guy serious? Just a few hours before he pleading guilty to reduced charges careless driving after an April car chase with a comical ending where he then parked the car an nonchalantly walked away. Britt was originally charged with a felony (eluding an officer) after his arrest on April 12 but had that charge reduced to misdemeanors because he did not have a criminal record.

Was Britt not happy with getting of with a slap on the wrist? Did he want to go to jail? Is he trying to go to jail? Is almost as if he’s auditioning for a part in Woody Allen’s Take the Money and Run 2?

In April NFL Scout Jayson Braddock wrote about the problems the NFL would have with arrests during the lockout and wouldn’t you know it, Kenny Britt was the poster child for the article. Then just three days later NFL Writer Hank Koebler wrote about Britt’s run-ins with the law and the problems it was causing in the Titans locker room. And that was before these last two episodes!

Britt’s own father has been calling for him to leave New Jersey and go back to Nashville to practice with his team. He doesn’t listen to his parents, won’t listen to the police or the judges, who the hell does Kenny Britt think he is?

Reports say, “It’s not clear why the narcotics officers were trying to arrest him.” Not clear? That’s like saying you aren’t sure what color George Washington’s white horse was. Hello! Narcotics officers aren’t out giving parking tickets!

The interesting thing here is that without a collective bargaining agreement, I don’t think the NFL will be able to dole out a suspension, fine or anything else, at least not retroactively. It’s just a matter of time before things end very badly for this ultra-talented wide receiver; hopefully he doesn’t hurt himself or worse, someone else. Something needs to be done to prevent the inevitable.

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