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Kennedy Becomes First NL Pitcher to Get 17 Wins in 2011

No one thought too much about it when the New York Yankees included Ian Kennedy in a deal to get Curtis Granderson a couple years ago. But, Kennedy has been phenomenal this year for the Arizona Diamondbacks and it’s tough for the Yanks to bitch because Granderson has been amazing too. He’s actually leading all of MLB in HR’s and RBI’s. Can’t complain there.

But, Kennedy has been wonderful and he’s now the first NL pitcher to hit 17 wins after tonight. Yes, he’s ahead of Clayton Kershaw and the filthy pitchers in Philadelphia in terms of wins (a stat we don’t like, but at times like this tells you this guy can’t be a bum).

He beat the San Diego Padres tonight by striking out seven, scattering six hits and allowing only one run through seven innings. His ERA is down to 3.03.

Is he a candidate for the NL Cy Young? He should be. Yes, Roy Halladay, Cole Hamels and Cliff Lee have been brilliant, but don’t count out Kennedy. He’s in the mix with those guys and Kershaw for the award.

It’s all how you finish. And this tight race will most likely be decided in the month of September.


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