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Ken Shamrock has Always Respected Bas Rutten

Ken Shamrock (28-15-2) was at Pancrase in 1993 to witness the debut of the future UFC heavyweight champion Bas Rutten (28-4-1). In Rutten's first fight against Ryushi Yanagisawa (24-25-9), Shamrock knew that the two would meet in the future.

"There was one or two punches thrown and then Bas threw a straight openhanded strike and caught Ryushi in the nose and dropped him," said Shamrock on Inside the Cage. "Bas made such an impression on his first fight. He had this vicious determination and once he started learning the submissions he developed into a well-rounded fighter."

Shamrock had been at Pancrase for about a year when Bas made his debut. The two would meet less than a year later when Shamrock would secure a rear naked choke submission. In their second encounter, Shamrock won the King of Pancrase title with a first round kneebar submission. Rutten would do better against Ken's brother Frank going 2-1.

Rutten now hosts Inside MMA on AXS TV and is a commentator for the World Series of Fighting. Shamrock hasn't fought since 2010, with his future as an active competitor uncertain.

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