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Ken Shamrock Accused of Attacking Woman at California Mall

Ken Shamrock (28-15-2), a UFC Hall of Famer, was in a scuffle and has been accused of attacking a woman at a California mall. Shamrock claims he was only trying to help defuse a brawl he witnessed.

While at the mall, Shamrock noticed two women fighting and tried to break the fight up. It has been alleged that a female bystander jumped on his back, so he took the bystander to the ground.

Someone from the crowd shouted that he attacked a girl and he immediately backed off.

Officers arrived to file a report that was sent to the District Attorney's Office.

TMZ spoke to law enforcement and said Shamrock likely won't be prosecuted because he was attacking in self-defense.

A representative for Shamrock said, "Outside the ring, Ken is not a violent man ... and was only trying to do the right thing."

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