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Kellen Winslow Explains Why Things Went Bad Between Him and Bucs

Many wondered what the hell the Tampa Bay Buccaneers were doing when they moved Kellen Winslow this offseason. It was a questionable move to go along with their other very questionable decision to fire head coach Raheem Morris.

Well, apparently, it is Winslow’s fault that he was cut. He didn’t attend OTA’s. His reason?

“Real sh-t?  Real sh-t?” Winslow said.  ”Greg Schiano came over there [and said], ‘Toes on the line!  Toes on the line!’  Blowing the whistle.  You can’t laugh.  You can’t joke around.  So I decided not to go to OTAs.”

The Bucs say that they told the tight end not to come to the OTA’s. Judging by Winslow's comments, it’s clear why the Bucs made their decision.

Winslow also decided on leaving after Morris was fired.

“They got my man [Raheem Morris] up out of there,” Winslow said.  ”I was loyal to him.  I’d take a bullet for that dude.  So I had to roll, man.”

Winslow said Morris wasn’t a “company coach,” but a player’s coach.  ”They fired the wrong dude up there,” Winslow said.

Winslow now serves as the tight end for the Seattle Seahawks.

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