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NBA Analysis: Keith Smart Officially Out as Warriors Coach

I predicted it and have already been thinking about who comes next but the Warriors today helped confirm it... Keith Smart is no longer the head coach of the Golden State Warriors after one year and a 10-game win increase. 

I've said it before - I think Smart did a pretty good job this year. He was put in a no-win situation. The Warriors needed to release Don Nelson, which they did. But, they did not have enough time or the vision to figure out who their next leader would be.

Enter Keith Smart.

Smart was an assistant with Don Nelson, knew the players, knew the system and had already been annointed by Nellie as 'the guy'. Maybe that was part of the problem.

Again, I think Keith Smart has a future as a coach. Possibly a head coach, definitely as an assistant. Problem is that the Warriors need a veteran leader. They need someone who is going to bench Monta when he doesn't play defense. They need someone who is going to hammer them on the defensive end. They need someone who can select the best talent in the draft. Most importantly, they need someone who knows how to win.

Winning is what the Warriors have not done. Winning is what new owners Joe Lacob and Peter Guber have promised. Keith Smart is about incramental improvement. But the Warriors need winning. Of course, their players are a big part of that, and this is the next big area of focus.

That being said, my prediction for next Warriors head coach.... drum roll please... Mike Brown. Former Cleveland Cavaliers head man and currently unemployed.  

Thanks for the memories, Smart. Good times... good times.  


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