Kawhi Leonard Flashes His Skill, Potential On Steal-And-Slam Play

San Antonio Spurs forward Kawhi Leonard is in the midst of his third season in the league, but many people don’t realize what a good young player Leonard has become. I guess that can happen when you play on a team with Tim Duncan and Tony Parker.

Leonard isn’t asked to be a superstar or put up big points for his team – San Antonio has the two aforementioned future hall of famers for that. But when he does get the ball, he shines.

Want proof? Leonard averaged 1.08 points per possession this season, good for 15th in the league.

Leonard’s potential was on full display last night during a game in which his 22 points helped the Spurs put away the Blazers and move on to the Western Conference Finals. 12 of Leonard’s 22 points came on fast-break points, and he added five steals on the night.

On one of his steals in particular, Leonard showed why – when given the opportunity – he can be one of the more explosive young players in the league. On the play, Leonard and his enormous hands pick of a pass and start racing up court. Two Blazers defenders have a perfect angle on him, but he somehow races right past both of them. He finishes the play off with a sweet, Jordan-esque pump and jam.

Check it out:


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