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Kate Upton’s Mercedes-Benz Super Bowl Commercial (Video)

Advertising isn’t as easy as it used to be. Way back when there weren’t so many different ways for people to get distracted, before e-mails, texts and viral videos began to occupy hours of a given person’s day, marketing was much simpler.

Get a good product. Come up with a creative pitch. Deliver it at a time when you know the audience will be paying attention. Done.

Yeah, that doesn’t work anymore.

These days, the audience has stopped paying attention to you before you even open your mouth to start talking. And that’s why, in order to successfully deliver an idea, you need an attention-grabber. You need someone or something so ridiculously interesting that they/it will cause you to drop whatever you are doing just to see them do whatever they are doing.

What does an attention-grabber look like, you ask? Well, Mercedes-Benz has the right idea. Here a teaser for their upcoming Super Bowl commercial.

That video was uploaded to Youtube on Jan. 21 by Mercedes. It already has nearly 50K views – and that’s just off Kate Upton’s name alone. If she were doing anything even mildly, you know, in the clip, it would have blown up the internet by now.

Need I remind anyone what happened when this went viral?

I rest my case.

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