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Kate Upton Makes Modeling into a Sport

Recently one of our loyal readers, Big Al from Montclair, NJ, tried to convince me that modeling (specifically walking down a runway in a bikini) was a sport. Is it really? Big Al’s argument is as follows:

  • Like in sports, the models have to be in shape.
  • Like in sports, fans pay to attend the events.
  • Like in sports, models come out in a uniform (Hey the Oregon football team changes their uniforms every time they go on the field.)
  • Like in sports, models get paid based on how popular they are and the demand for people to watch them do their thing.
  • Like in sports, they sell the team apparel the models wear in stores.

To be honest, I never saw it that way at all. I just never looked at it that way. Call me shallow and I mean no disrespect, but to me these things are more like dog shows. They just walk…Sure they bounce a bit and do that thing where one leg crosses over the other, and that’s athletic I guess; But in dog shows the dogs prance around kinda awkwardly funny-like too. And at least in dog shows they give out prizes like in track and field. Here, in order to find out who wins you have to look at the people around you. If everyone’s mouths are hung open while the model is walking up and down the runway, she won (or at least she did well). If people are looking the other way or not paying attention and conversing with each other while she’s walking down the runway, she lost…

So when Big Al sent me this video of Kate Upton in attempt to change my mind, I had to watch.

I have to admit, once they started with the slow motion replays, I started to see the sports analogy. It was like watching Edge NFL Matchup with Jaws breaking down game film. They appear to interview Kate like an athlete too. And listen to the way they describe Hudson’s skill set. “Creamy complexion and luscious physique, sumptuous stride, abundant charms and adorable personality.” For a moment I thought I was watching an NFL Films piece and they were going to follow it up with a piece on “Sweetness” Walter Peyton.

I happen to be an NFL Game Rewindguy, but I can see why Big Al watches the modeling game highlights…

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