2011 NBA Mock Draft: Kanter, Knight to Utah Jazz?

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Utah has a bit of a dilemma. After their trade last season that sent All-Star Deron Williams to New Jersey for just about their whole team, they inherited what ended up being the third pick in this year’s draft. Now, the Jazz are rumored to be interested in both Brandon Knight and Enes Kanter.

With Devin Harris still being a financial problem for the Utah Jazz it would be difficult to justify drafting Brandon Knight. Knight is thought to be the second best point guard in the draft but is in limbo with Connecticut point guard Kemba Walker. The one possibility is you can take Knight and groom him for a little while until you figure out what to do with Harris.

On the other end they have been rumored of possibly taking Enes Kanter with their third pick. Kanter impressed just about every scout in the NBA at the draft combine and could help the Jazz in the paint. They have youthful talent there as well though. Al Jefferson, Paul Millsap and last year’s lottery pick Derrick Favors all reside in the Jazz’s big man rotation.

Kanter is not so likely to be drafted in with the three pick but it is still a possibility. If you see a future all-star in Kanter then it will be tough to pass up. Especially with Jefferson’s history of injuries, Kanter would not be a bad back-up plan.

I believe that either one of these Kentucky prospects have the ability to be drafted in the three spot but the curveball could either come with the selection of Jan Vesely or they could trade their pick to add some proven veterans to the mix.

In the end I believe that Brandon Knight is a good selection for the Jazz and the better choice. Now, it may not be a great selection but Knight doesn’t have to play big minutes right away and he isn’t coming in to save a franchise.

The Jazz are still a very competitive team even without Deron Williams. Devin Harris is a capable point guard and management is still waiting for him to hit his peak they believe. With Knight that gives the Jazz a good option off the bench and will contribute offensively without a doubt.

If the Jazz can move Knight along and he can gain some experience from the bench, then within the next three years Harris contract will expire and Knight can move in to take the job. There is no real need to draft Kanter seeing as how the Jazz’s inside game is solidified. If you were the Jazz, what would you do?


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