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Kansas City Chiefs on the Verge of Hiring Andy Reid

Earlier this week, all of the most prominent NFL reporters out there had it as a virtual certainty that Andy Reid would end up going to the Arizona Cardinals. It was a bizarre marriage given the parts involved, but everyone was so sure about it happening that nobody bothered to really question it.

Yeah – we probably should have questioned it.

According to multiple reports, Reid is currently on the verge of being picked up by the Kansas City Chiefs. Unlike the Cardinals job, the Chiefs job is extremely alluring and actually makes perfect sense for the artist formerly known as Philadelphia’s Biggest Punching Bag.

In order to fully understand how Reid to K.C. came together, let’s start off with the most inconspicuous tweet first.

Andy Reid did not fly to Arizona last night as scheduled.

— Adam Schefter (@AdamSchefter) January 3, 2013

Innocent enough, right?

You will recall, Reid was supposedly Arizona-bound yesterday with a brief layover in Kansas City. Why he needed to make a pit stop was something nobody quite knew but, again, the certainty of him eventually landing with the Cardinals scared people off from asking the logical questions.

Today, on ESPN’s Mike and Mike, things changed a bit. Per Pro Football Talk:

“The Chiefs were trying to close a deal with Andy Reid,” Mortensen said. “At this point I’m going to be surprised if Andy Reid is not the Chiefs’ coach. Now, I’ve been surprised before, but there’s a lot of activity there. Some would say, ‘Why Kansas City over Arizona?’ One thing is, in Kansas City, Clark Hunt, the owner of the Chiefs, he’ll let Andy Reid build this thing the way he wants to build it. And if you know Andy, he wants to be able to basically pick the entire organization, set up his personnel. . . . The Chiefs are willing, and Clark Hunt is willing to do that.”

So there you have it.

Reid played this whole thing perfectly. He let his people make it seem as though the Cardinals hiring was imminent; meanwhile, he maneuvered for a far better gig in the Chiefs coaching job. Brilliant stuff, really.

If Kansas City finds a moderately decent quarterback in the near future, they will absolutely own the AFC West.

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