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Kansas City Chiefs News: Kyle Orton Coming to Town?

There have been several reports out in the wake of the Denver Broncos releasing Kyle Orton that the Chicago Bears would claim him off of waivers. That’s fine, and we actually believe the reports. The problem?

The Bears are 30th in line.

That means that just about any team in the league not named the Green Bay Packers (or whoever the other team is, we are too lazy to look. Give us a friggin’ break it’s the holidays) can put in a claim and grab him. But, who would be interested?

A source tells Steve Wyche of that the Kansas City Chiefs are considering the move before Wednesday’s 3 p.m. deadline.

It makes sense. They are only two games out of the division even though, let’s be honest, they probably aren’t winning it. But, how many more games are they going to win with Tyler Palko playing QB? Not many. And, they have a lot of other pieces in place on the team that they could honestly rattle off a few with decent quarterback play.

While Orton makes perfect sense to return to the Bears, he also makes a ton of sense for the Chiefs. Especially if Todd Haley has any interest in keeping his job.


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