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Kansas City Chiefs Claim Kyle Orton; Now What?

The Kansas City Chiefs are the big winners in the Kyle Orton Sweepstakes. So, it would seem that we’ve seen the last of Tyler Palko for a while.

Or have we?

Orton was putting it out there earlier that if the Chiefs claim him, he won’t report to the team. That could be a problem.

But, he would be screwing himself over big time. Why wouldn’t he show up? The Chiefs would most likely send him a five-day letter. Basically, the five-day letter says “show up or else.” And that else is reserved/did-not-report list.

That means he’d forfeit the remaining balance of his 2011 $4.5 million salary and jeopardize his chances of free agency in 2012.

It would make absolutely no sense whatsoever for him not to show up and play.


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