NBA Analysis: Rockets vs. Timberwolves (Part II)


Player of the Game: Luis Scola – 24 points, 27 minutes and 6-13 shooting. The ice cream man was getting to the free throw line and making the Wolves pay. On a night where Kevin Martin had only two attempts from the line, it was really good to see someone else step up and put the pressure on. His hook shot may not have been effective tonight, but the attempts were solid. I feel like he had a long summer and he is viewing these first few games differently. Despite having three very nice steals, I feel like he needs to adjust from Euro to NBA ball and get that aggression back.

Play of the Game: Ish smith’s bounce bass to Chuck Hayes on the break for a left hand finish. If you were not paying attention it may not look like a big deal. Smith had pushed the ball up the court, saw a small pocket and placed a perfect bounce pass to Hayes. Maybe to some people it was not that big of a deal but to me it was perfection. For the second night in a row, Smith seems to be perfecting Adleman’s offense and that fast break pass alone, showed me he is the real deal.

Defensive Player of the Game: Jordan Hill – I feel like I have a good eye for what type of players would fit the description of a “Rocket.” This young player is finally developing in front of our eyes and fitting that description. If Hill is on the court and hustling, he will definitely play much better. I have wanted to see him play with this intensity since we landed him. As long as he is in the air and trying to block the shot, I am happy. He also had the block of the game.  14 points 6 rebounds 2 blocks.

My Opinions: Good to see Yao back after a tough loss last night. Yao looked more comfortable, but it really partly is because of how terrible the T-Wolves actually are. KAHHHN!! <–Great video. Bad team or not, Yao was great with 13 points and 7 of those coming from the line. It was nice to see Yao get help from his teammates tonight. Ish Smith had 6 assist and only one turnover. It brings up the question of our point guard spot again. If we are still in line to snag a superstar, is it time to let a few of our key guys go? It is still too early to make a good argument for this debate. At the same time, Ish proved to me in these past two games, he is a better on-the-ball defender and passer than Brooks. So, I am anticipating a big move for the Rockets. I think it is time to make the deal and move on. It will not upset me if we make choose to make no move. I just hope we still have players that I can enjoy watching. I don’t think I can handle a superstar like Carmelo doing a Tracy McGrady impression.

Random Thoughts:

Manu Ginobli is one of the best talents in the league but I did not like his pointless charge attempt. Why do the referees always seem to side with the Spurs? Am I that ignorant?

Can we promote Bullard and move Clyde to the post game? Or just let Worrell do the games alone. I would like to see that at least once.

“I bet Shane Battier would give a good back rub. ” Zachary Duran from The Eastern Sea


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