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Junior Seau's Death Should Make Fans Re-Examine What They Love About Sports

American sports fans were shocked and saddened all over the country when it was learned former National Football League linebacker Junior Seau was found dead Wednesday of an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound to the chest.

But were we really saddened, or is it just an act?

Sure, it is always sad to hear of a famous athlete, celebrity, relative or goldfish passing. But we’re all like four-year-olds. We’ll just get a new one!

It’s true. Look at how we use our sports heroes. When they’re broken and damaged goods, we’ll just get shiny new ones to replace the defective ones. Once out of the spotlight, after serving as a center of our entertainment for a period, we don’t care about them once they’re off the football field, ice rink, race track, baseball field or basketball hardwood.

If we cared, we wouldn’t cheer at football games when we see two players running at full-speed at one another, only to see one or none get up. The force is the same as being in a car accident, play after play after play. Surely there has to be some sort of long-term health effects, no?

Have you ever found yourself complaining or uttering these words? “Stay down, you mother F#@#$%! I can’t believe he got up from that!”

We’re evil fans, and we don’t really care about our sports stars, as long as we’re entertained.

What, you can’t play because you need Tommy John surgery? Oh great. But what about my Fantasy team, you whine. Do you care that the player’s livelihood is at stake? NO!

How many people go to National Hockey League games for the express purpose of seeing bare-knuckled fighting? You know the balloon is deflated for some of you when you plop down your hard-earned money only to see a well-played, entertaining game with no fighting. Of course, there are still 25-30 violent human collisions along the boards, the equivalent of being hit by a car, each and every game. Surely there has to be some sort of long-term health effects, no?

How many people go to NASCAR events and are disappointed when there are just a handful of caution flags and no accidents? Man, those guys drove their precision, ultra-sensitive race cars like the best drivers in the world and didn’t have a fiery, death-defying crash for our entertainment. You selfish bastards!

So really, can the sadness for Wade Belak, Erica Blasberg, Dave Duerson, Arturo Gatti, Hideki Irabu, Roman Lyshenko, Kenny McKinley, Junior Seau, and others. We’ll just get more! These people will be forgotten tomorrow, and we’ll be back to getting our pound of flesh. These guys are millionaires, and they know what they signed up for. Entertain us!

Over the past 12 years, Daniel Dobish has written for,, and several other prestigious sports and fantasy sports websites and magazines. Originally from Cleveland, Dan now lives in the Raleigh, N.C. area with his wife and two sons. You may contact Dan @ or follow him on Twitter @danieledobish


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