Junior Hockey Player Clotheslines Himself With Own Stick (Video)

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Junior hockey player Mitchell Skiba became the first sports punch line of the year when he clotheslined himself and fell on his butt during a recent game.

Skiba, a northern Michigan player, was ejected from a game against MC Monarchs when he decided to flip his hockey stick horizontally while skating through a narrow doorway. The stick didn’t give, which caused the Alpena Flyers player to fly under his own stick and land on his rear-end.

Skiba quickly got back on his feet and stomped off to the locker room, leaving his stick on the ice.

Skiba good-naturedly handled the embarrassing scene by retweeting congratulations from his friends and fans.

“At least you're being a good sport about it,” one fan tweeted. “Your hit before the ejection equals out the clothesline haha. [sic]”

The video, originally uploaded on Sunday, has since accumulated about 271,000 views.

Sources: NY Daily News, Yahoo! News / Photo Credit: YouTube


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