Junior Hockey Player Clotheslines Himself With Own Stick (Video)


Junior hockey player Mitchell Skiba became the first sports punch line of the year when he clotheslined himself and fell on his butt during a recent game.

Skiba, a northern Michigan player, was ejected from a game against MC Monarchs when he decided to flip his hockey stick horizontally while skating through a narrow doorway. The stick didn’t give, which caused the Alpena Flyers player to fly under his own stick and land on his rear-end.

Skiba quickly got back on his feet and stomped off to the locker room, leaving his stick on the ice.

Skiba good-naturedly handled the embarrassing scene by retweeting congratulations from his friends and fans.

“At least you're being a good sport about it,” one fan tweeted. “Your hit before the ejection equals out the clothesline haha. [sic]”

The video, originally uploaded on Sunday, has since accumulated about 271,000 views.

Sources: NY Daily News, Yahoo! News / Photo Credit: YouTube


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