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Junior Etou, High School Basketball Player, May be Nearly 21 Years Old

Controversy is brewing over a high school basketball player possibly being almost 21 years old, putting him nearly 6 years ahead of some of his teammates and opponents. 

At 6'7" Junior Etou is Bishop O'Connell High School's star player. Etou is originally from the Congo and is said to be a high school senior.

Website recently conducted an investigation into Etou's real age and discovered a few different birthdays for him, all of them in 1992, meaning he is months away from being 21. 

Being 20 years old means Etou is ineligible to play high school basketball, as league rules state players can't be older than 18 when they're going into their senior year. 

But Bishop O'Connell, in Washington, D.C., says Etou can play for their team as they have documentation that he is 18 years old. 

Katy Prebble, president of the high school, said, "The school has the documentation, including his passport, verifying the age of Junior Etou to be 18."

Couch Joe Wootten did not respond to calls from Deadspin. 

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