Junior Dos Santos Not that Surprised About Alistair Overeem's Drug Test Snafu

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As Chael Sonnen is quick to point out, Alistair Overeem did not fail a drug test.

Technically, anyway. What he did do was register a 14:1 testosterone-to-epitestosterone ratio on a surprise drug test, which is much higher than the state of Nevada's 6:1 cut off. At a hearing before the NSAC, the fighter explained it by saying he accepted an inflammatory injection from a doctor with a questionable medical history that just happened to contain testosterone. He did not ask what was in the shot and the doctor didn't tell him. Make your own inferences.

To many people who had long questioned the metamorphosis of Overeem's physique, the news that he was in hot water over a drug test wasn't really a shock. It certainly wasn't to the opponent that Overeem was scheduled to face at UFC 146 before he got suspended, Junior dos Santos.

"It wasn't really a big surprise for me," dos Santos recently told USA Today. "I don't know. I've heard lots of stories about people getting caught in drug tests. You hear through the grapevine that people use substances that are performance enhancing, so it wasn't a big surprise. That said, I don't use and I've never used any performance-enhancing substance whatsoever.

"Learning that my opponent had tested positive for (an elevated testosterone-to-) epitestosterone ratio — and because of that, there was a suspicion or a possibility that he may have been using something performance enhancing — was a little bit nerve-wracking, only because it meant to me that if I were to still fight him, I would be fighting somebody that may have been using performance-enhancing substances. So, it was a tough phase not knowing a little while what was going to happen with that fight."

Now, dos Santos will attempt to make the first defense of his heavyweight title against Frank Mir. The two will meet in the main event of UFC 146 later this month at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

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