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Junior Dos Santos had Some Trouble Getting into the United States

The Christmas rush affected Junior dos Santos (15-1) as he tried to make his way from Brazil to the U.S. through United Airlines. The heavyweight champion was stuck for several hours and took to Twitter to express his dissatisfaction.

Santos eventually made it to the U.S. but wasn't pleased about the ordeal the airlines made him go through. In less than a week, Santos has his highly publicized rematch with Cain Velasquez (10-1).

Santos vs. Velasquez headlines the final UFC show of 2012. The two meet at UFC 155 this Saturday, December 29, out of the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, NV.

Below are the tweets that Santos sent out as he tried to make the commute between countries.

We spend 6 hours flying from Salvador to São Paulo normally this fight takes 2 hours. The airline company lie to us saying the airport was


It's so desrespectiful. Now I lost my fight to Vegas and having a lot of other problems it's very frustrating

And Saturday a have a world title fight it's so important to me and to all my team for our life. This is how we are treat here

I just post a picture of Thiago Mendes who help me a lot here to reschedule my flight to Vegas. I'm really thankful about it Thanks Thiago

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