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Julie Kedzie vs. Miesha Tate: Strikeforce Round-by-Round Review

Julie Kedzie vs. Miesha Tate

It's time for our main event of the prelims, as Julie Kedzie (16-10) takes on former Strikeforce bantamweight champion Miesha Tate (12-3). The referee will be Jason Herzog.

Round 1: We have the newly-named "Cupcake" Tate coming right out at Kedzie, but Kedzie lands a head kick that seems to have Tate wobbled. Kedzie continues the attack, but it appears Tate is now back on solid footing. Another big kick by Kedzie and Tate flinches away. Superman punch by Tate, but Kedzie counters with a right to the face. Knee to the body by Kedzie as Tate continues to look for the takedown.

Kedzie reverses things and now has Tate up against the cage and lands some nice punches and a kick as they separate. Tate shoots in for a takedown, but Kedzie takes the back before moving into north-south position and landing some nice shots. Kedzie stands up and comes firing off with a right and left to the head of Tate, who shoots for a takedown again. Kedzie sprawls off and fires strikes at the same time. Tate looking for a submission, but Kedzie stands up then flies forward with another big right. Spinning kick by Kedzie misses. Overhand right by Tate lands, and Tate goes for the takedown again, but Kedzie fends it off for a third time. Pair of rights again while standing, and Tate hits the floor off a side-kick. Tate locks up the triangle and goes to mount and the round ends with Tate unable to get a submission in.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Kedzie

Round 2: Tate looks a little hesitant after that opening round, not wanting to engage off the bat. Kedzie with a nice combo, and fights off another takedown attempt. Knees to the head by Kedzie inside the clinch, but Tate gets a trip. Kedzie however, locks in a triangle and is looking to lock in an armlock. Tate is also going for a submission, grabbing the leg of Kedzie. Tate takes the back and gets a hook in, pulling Kedzie to the ground. Body triangle by Tate is locked in with over two minutes to go in the round. Tate lands a big right, which allows her to get the right hand under Kedzie's throat. Side-choke in by Tate now, but Kedzie is able to slide away from the choke. Tate in side control and moving into full mount again. Tate grabs the head, attemping to lock in a choke again but Kedzie gets out and up to her feet. A minute left and this round has been all Tate, who drops down for a double-leg takedown that Kedzie fends off. Tate keeps working and gets the takedown as the round comes to an end.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Tate

Round 3: Tate appears to have slowed greatly, and Kedzie lands a huge kick to the head and attacks. Kedzie goes to the mount and is landing several uncontested shots as Tate tries to lock an arm up. Tate throws up her legs and is trying for an armbar. Tate still with her legs locked around Kedzie's head, as Kedzie tries to smash Tate to the ground. Kedzie falls over and Tate yanks on the arm as Kedzie continues to try and fight it off. Tate not letting up at all on the arm and she is forced to tap after nearly two minutes of fighting off the hold. That was definitely the Fight of the Night in regards to the prelims.

Miesha Tate def. Julie Kedzie via submission (armbar) at 3:28 of Round 3

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